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Sjors Boelaars

Hi, I am Sjors, your guide during this workshop. I started 10 years ago with yoga and meditation, but I longed for a tradition that would invite more liveliness, sexuality, and self-expression. For me, tantra provided that invitation. I have studied with modern tanra schools learning all about sexual practices and dived deep into the classical tantra teachings to learn how it was done back in the days in India.

I combine these experiences with western psychotherapeutic modalities and shadow work (I am a certified Feeding your Demons therapist).

I founded Tara Academy to make these profound teachings and practices available to the wider public in an accessible and safe way.

Shadow Work - Narcissism & Symbiosis

If only I can show the world how special I am, I shall receive love.” This is the core of the narcissistic wound. In this workshop we dive into your narcissistic so you no longer have to act it out unconsciously in the world.

The King of Kings

What does it mean to step into your King energy? How do you evoke the power of vision, of blessing? In this workshop we open up the archetypal realm and meet as kings. But who will be the king of kings?

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