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Miss V

MissV. has a fierce passion for creating beautiful authentic experiences and for dominating through energetic connections These days her focus is on helping couples and women in connecting through kink in their relationships and personal life as a Kink Intimacy Coach, hosting workshops and coaching couples. As a former Professional Dominatrix MissV. has been in the scene for 14 years. She has been playing, experiencing and witnessing the intense world of Kink and BDSM with her versatile fetish scenes, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Giving shows, demos, organising parties… she did it all..

Conscious Bodywork

Immerse yourself in the art of truly feeling and understanding your partner’s body, forging a connection that transcends mere physicality. After the introduction and some exercises, you will apply the exercises under my guidance within your personal dynamics at that moment. I will provide personal attention to everyone, create space for discussions, and offer tips and/or suggestions that are specifically tailored to you or your couple! Participants are encouraged to bring their own tools, like whips or floggers. I believe that using familiar tools enhances the learning experience and empowers individuals to explore their creativity to the fullest. Master the skill of guiding your partner into surrender, unlocking the ethereal realms of (sub)space, where vulnerability and trust converge in a fiery dance of passion.

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