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Swan Aleon

Swan Aleon is a psychotherapist specializing in post-Jungian and somatic approaches to human flourishing. They completed their PhD from University of Cambridge, trained at the Jacques Lecoq school of physical theatre, and holds certifications in tantra yoga, breathwork, and hypnotherapy. Swan has been guiding individuals and groups for over a decade and has led workshops and retreats in 13 countries on three continents. They are the founder of the Institute of Devotional Arts (, which brings together artists, therapists, and researchers exploring the relationship between expressive and contemplative arts.

Voice & Breath

This workshop brings together traditional and modern breathwork techniques with vocal exploration beyond the spoken or singing voice. Breathing is the most direct way to experience the continuum of mind, body, and spirit. It is therefore not surprising that, in many languages, the words for breath and spirit share the same etymology, and that breathing exercises lie at the root of many spiritual practices. The voice is vibration and expression. As adults, we rarely use our voice beyond speaking and singing. Here is a chance to explore the sound between speech and silence so that we may be more attuned to the gentle melody of the space that holds us.

Phenomenology of Love

Love has been trivialized yet remains underrated. How do we experience different forms of love? How can we love more deeply and authentically? How do we celebrate the love we give and receive? Phenomenology is about lived experience. Through a series of practical psychosomatic exercises, focusing on embodied imagery, active imagination, and interactive meditation, we shall question, examine, and revision our understanding of love. This is an opportunity to develop relational authenticity, intelligence, and resilience.

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