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Afke Reijenga

Afke Reijenga is a natural born Tantrika, she teaches what she preaches. As a Tantra facilitator, bodyworker and coach. She helps men and women to (re)connect with their erotic innocence. Her mission is one of liberation, of awakening the love that is within all of us. To break down the conditioning and letting go off the stories that hold us back from our true essence.

Sensual Self Pleasure Ceremony

What comes up for you when you hear the word Self pleasure? And what comes up for you when you hear the word Self Love? In this ceremony we will combine these two, I will guide you to active your erotic body with breath, sound and movement. I will guide you to bring more love into self pleasure, to bring more magic, more joy, more sweetness and also to help you to slow down. We will connect sex and heart and offer our eros to spirit. As we will end the ceremony with a sex magic ritual, Afke will guide you to find your intention All sounds pretty exciting and no worries, Afke has the capacity to take you on a journey where you will feel save, carried and liberated. This is gonna be a celebration of the senses. Here you can liberate yourself from any guilt or shame. And you are welcome to truly step into your full pleasurable power! Yeah!

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