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Elena Judith

Elena Judith is a Multidisciplinary Artist, Hypnotherapist, Anthropologist and Holistic Therapist with Israeli and German roots. For the last 14 years she has been travelling and holding workshops, healing retreats and ceremonies all around the world as well as working online offering courses and 1:1 mentoring programs.

She is deeply passionate about fusioning ancient healing tools and Mystery Schools with an embodied and grounded modern approach to therapy and new ways to integrate body, mind and spirit in our daily lifes. Elena is specialised in working with intergenerational trauma, epigenetics and Ancestral Healing. Her biggest passion and mission lies in creating sacred spaces in which we can truly meet each other on an eye-to-eye and soul - to - soul level.


Whatever she does - singing is always a part of it. Her mother says Elena has sang before she talked. At Odessa Tantra Festival she will play a Hybrid DJ Set at the Temple Night fissioning her angelic voice with some seriously sexy beats, as well as facilitating the Yoga Nidra workshop.

Yoga Nidra: Biohacking meets Hypnotherapy

Yoga Nidra, often translated as "psychic sleep meditation" is a deep guided meditation that has its origins thousands of years ago in Tantra Yoga disciplines. It can be understood as the Yogi version of Hypnotherapy. Through a deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit and the shift to Theta brain waves, we enter a trance like state somewhere in between being awake and being asleep. We thereby gain access to our subconscious and unconscious layers of mind as well as the astral dimension of the consciousness. This Psychic Sleep Meditation can bring up all kinds of information long forgotten as well as it can give us new ideas, direction and guidance for our lifes. By withdrawing our senses and addressing the subconsciousness anything we experience and tell ourselves during this practice has an immensely deep imprint on our various levels of awareness and our lives. It helps us to distinguish between different states of being awake, dreaming and sleeping and is therefor being used to practice astral traveling and lucid dreaming. While practicing this medicine we are being gifted one of the very rare occasions for our beings to relax consciously instead of - as we usually do- having the monkey mind going crazy all day long and then falling asleep exhausted and continuing this mindset in our dreams . Yoga Nidra as a holistic healing approach is successfully being used in trauma therapy, treating insomnia, depression, PTSD, anxiety and much more.

Rope Dance

In this incredible dance style two people (or more!) share a rope and dance with each other. The possibilities are endless and it’s different each time depending on one’s partner, the music, the vibe and the energies. Think of a combination between contact dance and Shibari. It can be super sexy and even kinky! But doesn’t have to be - it’s also playful, FUN ans an extremely effective workout.

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