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Sanne Croese

Sanne organizes events about spirituality and sexuality and gives healing massages. "I wish for everyone to discover their inner god-dess and to live from their essence. I dare people to te completely who they want to be. I am here to help you discover your spirituality and sexuality, without any taboo. It is my mission to bring people back to their true selves."

Sensenergy Massage

Sensenergy stands for Sensual, Senses and Energy: a sensual massage that will stimulate your senses. This massage is a combination of Tantra, BDSM, spirituality and different ways of touch. You'll have the option to use some kinky elements: wax play, bondage, feathers....? During the workshop you will give and receive a massage. You will practice intentional touch, and learn to speak up about the experience you want to have.

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