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Shaft Uddin

Shaft Uddin is a Speaker, Coach, Somatic Trauma Release Therapist, Transformational Entertainer and Viral Content Creator. Shaft’s mission is to find world peace through intimacy. So there’s no more blaming and shaming between men and women but transparent communication, authenticity, shared vulnerability, and co-creation.   

"We can cure all addiction with human connection.
We can overcome depression and anxiety by becoming present.
And heal loneliness by finding the one. Ourselves.”

Shaft has supported countless men and women to overcome sexual trauma and connect back to themselves. He creates safe spaces for people to connect with themselves and others through rituals, retreats, and workshops all over the world. His work has reached over 40 million people working with the BBC, Vice, Times magazine, The Guardian and many more.

Sacred Sexual Jedi Academy

Let Shaft revolutionize your perception of intimacy. At this Couples Academy, we masterfully rewire your neural pathways, guiding you towards a profound connection with sensuality, and reprogramming your nervous system to feel sensuality and dance so you are not falling into your usual habits of thinking sex is like porn. The art of Tantric lovemaking is a dance of deep connection. Couples unwind, relaxing their nervous systems, transforming conventional intimacy into something sacred. This is a potent dance and tantric massage workshop, designed
for those seeking to enhance their lovemaking skills and forge a deeper connection. You will acquire tools for life.

“Let’s turn Matrix Sex into Sacred Sex”

Orgasmic Breathwork Activation

Open up your body to infinite pleasure through breath, sound, and movement. Let Shaft Uddin captive and educate you into a full-body orgasm… all while remaining fully clothed. Prepare for a profound rewiring of your brain structure and central nervous system, all accomplished through sustained exposure to pleasure. Come and experience your body like never before. Shaft, with a decade of experience as a breathwork facilitator, has honed his own distinctive method to create transformation and pleasure accessible to beginners and experts alike.

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