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Goya Elodia

I have been into Tao, Tantra and Mysticism since 2012. During that time I have been exploring no-ejaculation, multiple-orgasms, and what authentic sexual expression looks and feels like for me.

I've found an effortless, relaxed and nurturing paradigm of sexuality that I'd love to share with you. A paradigm where you can make love in whatever way you want and as much as you want. No holding back. From a place of innocence and authenticity, deeply nurturing the couple. I’d like to share that journey with you.

Multi 0rgasmic Men

In this 2,5 hour workshop we will dive into the world of multi-orgasmic sex from the perspective of a penis-bodied being. I will tell you all you need to know about this new sex paradigm: how you can transcend the ejaculation reflex and make love as long as you (and your partner) desire, while experiencing multiple dry orgasms, energy orgasms and altered states of consciousness. How you can make love, or f*ck like a wild beast, while being able to completely relax and expand your fully aroused penis inside a fully aroused vagina or anus. Letting go of performance anxiety and being able to fully give in to the pleasure you are experiencing. How sex with your partner can become like a play that supports you both in recharging your batteries, discharging stress, and fueling the loving-emotional safe-haven that you build together, so you and your partner can relax into a safe abundance of lovemaking and pleasure. How this new paradigm of sex frees you of the frustration, resentment, depression, performance anxiety and nervous system dysregulation that usually accompanies sex in the way that we have been taught. How to use your shunned, shamed and dark desires as fuel for love, transformation and bonding. How to work the dynamic tension between love and lust so these forces work harmoniously together for your benefit. We will dive deep into the know-how of the body, the pelvic area, the penis, the prostate, and the vagina in this new paradigm of sex and lovemaking.

This workshop will be a mixture of talking, question and answer, and experiencing through simple exercises that you are invited to do by yourself.

Make sure you bring all your questions, nothing’s off the table. Everyone is welcome!

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