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Joris van der Geest

Joris is impact investor, writer and tantra teacher. This combination is less strange then it seems, as the classical tantra was not meant to be exclusively for monks, but to be practised by everyone in daily live. Joris discovered tantra by coincidence and became fascinated by the freedom of being in the moment, the deepness of experience, the magic of sexual energy and the power of intuition. He learned from various national and international teachers by following courses, assisting and co-operating and during this process, developed his own vision on tantra. For Joris, the essence of tantra is: embrace all aspect of live, with full consciousness. With his platform Leef!Tantra, he wishes to share tantra knowledge and experiences. He organises and facilitates workshops, retreats and festivals and also offers personal sessions. The aim of Leef!Tantra is to offer a safe space to discover tantra in your own way, within your boundaries and in line with your desires.

Four elements massage

In this workshop, you are invited to enjoy the magic of receiving touch and letting go any tendency to control, within a safe setting. All participants will both give and receive. The massage will be in a flow with the four elements, guided by music and voice, that will help the giver to connect in an intuitive way. As a giver, there will be an intention of serving the receiver. Together, we will discover various ways of giving touch and various ways of giving pleasure to the receiver. This will be provided by way of inspiration, not as specific instructions or techniques, as the focus will be on the receiver, taking into account specific desires and boundaries, within the general limits of the festival (no explicit sexual contact, no full nakedness). For this workshop, you are expected to be familiar with the basics of the Wheel of Consent. You are invited to come to this workshop with a partner

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