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Elfriede is a passionate tantric facilitator that is driven by a deep soul mission. A mission to bring awareness and aliveness to this earth. To bring our soul to our human bodies and live an authentic and liberated life. She does that with the body and voice as the portal. More then 10 years of experience in the tantric field with projects like Tantra Festival Amsterdam, Tantric Dance and Wild Hearts. Its an honour to meet you!

Chakra Initiation Journey

Welcome to this deep journey within. As a start for the festival we learn to get our focus away from the outside (literally with a blindfold) and start to listen to our own bodies. We shake off what we don't need anymore first. After that we dance and sound through all the different chakra's, we clear the way. It gives space for new energy to flow through our energy body. A reset and clearing for your system, ready to start centered for this weekend.

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