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Michelle Ariel

Full of love for life, nature, ayurveda, yoga and tantra I feel more than blessed to have guided many souls in their path of life questions for the past 13 years. The answer to almost all questions of consciousness development, behaviour change,  or true life desires is the way (back) to the heart and connection with your true soul purpose. Different forms of bodywork, oriental wisdom, energy work rituals, our cognitive abilities but most of all love, form the basis for my approach in group work, family sessions, duo or personal consultations. At this festival I welcome you in one of my yin yoga workshops and I will be also part of the EMO team.

Yin yoga

The basis of yin yoga can be found in TCM where the 5 natural elements are central. Yin yoga focuses more on the deeper connective tissue, your organs, joints where you stay longer in a less active posture. This to restore and nourish the inner energy flow. Relaxation, surrender and letting go to completely de-stress for more peace in your overall system. Yin yoga provides, among other things: stress reduction, mobilization, lengthening and strengthening of joints and connective tissue, flexibility and strength on the deeper levels, stimulating the meridians, which removes blockages in the energy channels with the flow of chi, provides hydration, stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid. Experience is not necessary.

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