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Michelle Ariel

Full of love for life, nature, ayurveda, tantra and yoga Ariel feels more than blessed to have guided many souls in their path of life questions for the past 13 years. In her experience, the way (back) to the heart in connection with your true souls purpose is the answer to almost all lifequestions, conscious development, behaviour change, or true life desires. Different forms of bodywork, oriental asian wisdom, energy work rituals, our cognitive abilities but most of all love, form the base for Michelle Ariel’s approach in group work, family sessions, duo or personal consultations.

Innerwater Mysterydive

What could happen if you gave space to your inner world without expectations? An invitation to your physical, emotional or energetic body to whisper to you without specifying in advance what that would be or how it would feel? And listening to these whispers can feel like. Mystery right? With this workshop you can open the door to what may be felt in your inner waters. Creating a foundation so flow can take place openly in the deeper layers of yourself in which you may feel that there is something there but cannot or do not want to put it into words? Movement, music and silence in motion in your own bubble, safe and guided without talking so that what can be seen and felt, can reveal itself. What is there in you that can still be released?

Sacred Somatic Integration

During the end of this beautiful festival there maybe have been lots of new and expanding situations or feelings. From excitement, fun, fear, triggers, rejections and so on.

In this workshop we will work in different ways to calm the body, mind, nervous system and actually your whole being. Sometimes we are fully aware what’s alive, but many times it’s just stored in our bodies and we continue moving in our natural ways. With several soft and gentle practises that include, movement, reflection, connecting with our inner waters we create space for intergration. We will bring nourishment on all levels to help our system digest what’s been shaken up.   
You will recieve several tools which you can later on practise by yourself or with your loved ones at home.

You can bring a person to couple up with ( doesn’t need to be a romantic partner ). We can also create a couple for you during the workshop.

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