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Josefine Adriana

Jana’s curiosity for life, while optimising her own health, both physically and mentally, led her to exploring all kinds of different healing methods. With lots of trial and error she experienced the importance of coming out of her mind to live life from her heart and above all, the wisdom of her body.

After practising for years she started facilitating spaces for others to explore their inner landscapes as well. Using mindfulness and free movement in e.g. yoga or dance to connect with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Accepting what is. Switching perspective from the outer- to the inner world. Focussing on what feels good instead of ‘what is supposed to be’ or ‘how it should look like’.

Jana loves connecting people to themselves and the world around them, bringing a calm and peaceful vibe to her practices. Whether teaching on festivals, retreats, campings, in offices, studios or privates, she always encourages students to trust in their unique flow and embrace whatever is present.

Blindfolded Meditation & Self Love

An integration practice in which you will drop into even deeper connection with yourself. The blindfold simplifies and creates a focused space with less distraction, where outer judgement and comparison are eliminated. This is not about what it looks like, this is about how it fééls. A moment to slow down to bring full care to whatever comes up in the here and now. In direct contact with your body you will notice what it desires from moment to moment. Whether that be playful or challenging, whether that be what you expected or not at all.

Can you welcome it all and respond with compassion to exactly that what 'is'? To then give yourself the love and attention you might normally crave in interactions with others. Eliminating the sight to listen more closely to your heart, your intuition and the wisdom of your system. Exploring your inner world, softly and gentle, step by step.

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