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Marjolein & Nicky

Marjolein and Nicky are deeply passionate about the transformative power of Breathwork, Tantra, Authentic expression, (Tantric) bodywork and Holistic Healing. They both work as mentors offering 1:1 coaching sessions and awaken people through events & retreats to be more present in their bodies, hearts, connect with desire, speak & express one's truth and authentic blueprint. Opening up the energy centers and discover where it can flow more. Embracing the sacredness in every experience and lead from Love, Joy and Pleasure. They have a characteristic feminine approach, inviting surrender from a place of softness, receiving and ‘letting yourself be led’. Having the courage to let your guards down, knowing it’s safe. Their mission is to empower individuals to embrace their true selves on their unique paths of transformation guiding them to embrace their authenticity.

Sacred Sensual Breath

Sacred Sensual Breath is a unique and transformative practice that invites you to explore the connection between your breath, sensuality and spirituality. This practice encourages you to explore the depths of your inner self, uncover potential layers and connect with the divine through intentional and sacred breathing.

Sacred Sensual Breath contains diverse elementents of breathwork with a mindful and intentional approach to sensuality, fostering a deeper connection with your body, soul & spirit. To awaken the inner potential while embracing the sacredness throughout the experience.

Allow yourself to be vulnerably opened from a place of loving attention, where your journey becomes a profound exploration of both your inner realms and the divine essence that resides within.

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