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Sjors Boelaars

Hi, I am Sjors, your guide during this workshop. I work as a shadow work coach & facilitator. I grew up in a world where it was all gentleness, smiles and wooden toys. On a practical layer it was safe, but something was missing. My raw side, my anger, my fear, my sexuality wasn’t fully welcomed so I repressed it, and put on the mask of the attractive succesfull son. Now I understand I repressed it into the Shadow. On my journey regain acces to these lost parts I studied shadow work, modern and classical tantra (Trika linneage), Tibetan Buddhist meditation, and western body oriented forms of psychotherapy. In my work as a leadership trainer, coach and wilderness guide I create containers of deep transformation to integrate our repressed parts to unlock the power stored within.

Shadow Work - Narcissism & Symbiosis

If only I can show the world how special I am, I shall receive love.” This is the core of the narcissistic wound. In this workshop we dive into your narcissistic so you no longer have to act it out unconsciously in the world.

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