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Pleuni Apollonia & Robert Tolenaars

Pleuni Apollonia and Robert Tolenaars crossed paths years ago. As a couple they perform devotional music from all over the world in singing circles, cacao ceremonies and concerts. With a combination of vocals, guitar, shruti box and medicine drum they offer a unique depth to any journey. The power of sound and music is used as a way to inspire and heal, while guiding you through the light as well as the dark.

Candlelight concert

Every culture on the planet has their unique type of music. Even though each culture is unique, music unites all races, and has been used throughout history in rites, ceremonies and prayers. Pleuni and Robert offer you a unique journey using music as a way to inspire and heal. We will tap into the power of our voice and travel deep within, to transform and process, and to celebrate together. When we sing with others, blending our voices, we start to synchronise our breathing, and thereby the beating of our hearts, singing in unison, a bond forms and feeling of completeness surrounds us.


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