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Ava and Amanda

Ava Tamar is an Intimacy coach and Tantric Bodyworker. She has studied at the International School of the Temple Arts (ISTA) & Beyond Temple. She is one of the founders of ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ Her work is a combination of coaching, ceremony & rituals, visualizations, mindset and Tantra.


Amanda is an Embodiment Facilitator and Personal Mentor, who guides women back into connection with their bodies, their pleasure and their sexuality. She firmly believes that our body is our temple and coming back ‘home’ to our bodies is the pathway to pleasure and deeply fulfilling relationships. She currently offers Tantric Massage/Bodywork, holds in-person workshops and trainings and is the founder of the Pleasure Academy for online training for women. Amanda is the co-creator of Deeper Intimacy; 10 date night rituals for couples.

Deeper intimacy for couples

In this workshop you will be able to tap into the suble energetic body that is the source of your true orgasmic potential. We will invite you into an embodied experience that will help you feel the magnetic polarity between you and your partner in a way like never before. Come expand your ability to feel and experience unbelievable amount of pleasure that is possible even beyond the physical. Be sure to come in a pair before you enter the room.

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