Tribal Tantra Initiation

July 4 – July 8  2018
Are you ready to Awaken to Ecstacy? Are you ready to discover how the tantric arts can support you in living fully and loving deeply from a place of power and ease? Retreat by Eugene Hedlund.

Holistic Movement - Dennis van Miltenburg

July 13 - July 14  2018


HOLISTIC MOVEMENT - Dennis van Miltenburg

In this retreat you work on the outside as well as inside. We want you to build up a better relationship with your body.Through physical movement we will combine strength, flexibility, stability and balance in a playful and conscious way. Through the connection between body, mind and spirit you become who you are. 

Wild Sensual, Juel McNeilly

July 18 - July 22 2018


Wild Sensual - Juel McNeilly

Explore your entire being through meditation, movement and dance journey of to awaken the senses. Dive into your coquettishness and spark your feminine energy. You will learn practices that you can integrate into your daily life. This retreat invites you to awaken your sensuality, releases the feminine energy inside of you and experience your exuberance.

Tantra Energy - Mahara Mckay

July 27 - July 29  2018


Tantra Energy - Mahara Mckay

Experience Oneness through playfulness - contact - body and mind awareness - balancing feminine and masculine energies - conscious communication - sharing circles - meditation - yoga - ecstatic dance - massage and more - let life become a dance - no experience needed.

Tantra City Retreat

August 1 – August 5  2018
journey into feeling · exploring your inner self · liberation and expansion · play with desire, pleasure and sensuality · only life experience needed

Just Breathe! City Retreat

August 17 - August 19  2018


JUST BREATHE is een driedaagse reis naar vrijheid. Spiritueel ontwaken in sneltreinvaart met de kracht van ademen. Hier maak je contact met jouw levensmissie en vind je de antwoorden vanuit jezelf. Van 17 tot 19 augustus op Odessa Amsterdam.

Embody City Retreat

Augustus 22 - Augustus 26  2018
connect through contact - bodywork - sharing circles - dance celebrations - yoga - contact impro -  meditation - massage - and more…

Ecstatic Dance City Retreat

Augustus 29 - September 2  2018
5 nights of freeform conscious dance - ecstatic world rhythms - breathing & vocalization - daily workshops - movement meditation - ritual & relaxation 

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