Thai Tantric Rituals - Niss Bach

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By Niss Bach & City Retreats Amsterdam

Join us for 5 days of yoga, thai massage and tantric rituals.
this workshop is designed to help you connect to your deep roots, the roots that connect us all to the world tribe that is awakening, clear your mind (yoga) connect to your body (Thai massage) and ritual with spirit (tantra). we will bring all this together in playful ceremony and create a safe container for us to explore our boundaries and bring us ever so closer to the full human experience.

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Niss Bach has an extensive background in body awareness disciplines. Starting to dance at 8 years old, and then working as a dancer at 16. At 15 he got exposed to Yoga by one of his modern dance teachers and to massagethrough a dance improv teacher his fascination with the Healing Arts began.

Later suffering from knee issues, he was sent to a physical therapist and was amazed how quickly his knees improved while following the exercise regimen. That was it a healer was awakened. Always willing to lend a helping hand to his suffering dancing colleagues and later his circus colleagues. In circus there are every kind of orthopedic injury you can think of. That is where the practice came in!

On his travels, he studied with great teachers such as Mama Lek and her son Jack Chaya, Krishna Takis Kaline Alayna Kelly, Arno Lhermitte Itzhak Helman Sebastian Bruno, to name some. A couple of original Thai masters like Ajan Pichet and Sinchai (blind master).

Even though Niss prefers the approach of the student guru relationship he has gone to see what the more official schools have to offer, studying Acupressure in Berkeley and doing the GCT program at TMC, Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. 

In 2011 Niss suffered from a series of injuries that ended his circus career, "looking back it was a clear way to make me change my focus to the healing arts, first take care of my self and then of others". Since then he has been teaching Thai Massage and has helped to co create the amazing Yoga Forest transformation retreat center in Guatemala.

Although his main focus in Thai Yoga Massage, Niss loves to infuse all sorts of energies to his training and retreats, with dance and fun clowning dynamics there is always ways to express and play while we study.

Astrology and nature is another passion of Niss. 'In his training he teaches us how the zodiac works and how to begin to interpret our own chart. His unique Yoga classes infuse celestial knowledge into the body and mind. Thus following the Vedic principles, first take care of the body with Ayurveda (Thai Massage), then clear the mind with Yoga, and then with Astrology, you can follow your soul's path! / /

Alenka Dharma is a global Yoga teacher, dance and meditation facilitator, abstract artist, entrepreneur, creator and visionary. She is traveling the world sharing her gifts, passions and life philosophy, always in vital flow of receiving and spreading light. 

Alenka's authentic alchemy of joy and deep spirituality opens up an invitation trust in highest self. She has been called the Dharma Weaver, the one who weaves the threads that illuminate your unique path that leads to awakening, your life Dharma.

Alenka's philosophy stems from universal guidance and her inspiration is the Universe itself. Just like the Universe, her practice is constantly flowing and evolving, Her teaching encourages freedom of thoughts, emotions, movement and expression. The freedom of allowing ourselves to be who we truly are is liberating and empowering.

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This retreat is presented by the urban paradise Odessa. Odessa is a conscious vegan art ship where city and nature are intertwined, a platform for conscious events and communities. The location, surrounded by water will give an extra juicy vibe to the retreat.

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Three daily vegan meals from our chef (€95,-)