Tantra Energy - Mahara Mckay

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Tantra Energy City Retreat - Mahara McKay

experience oneness through playfulness * contact * body & mind awareness * balancing feminine & masculine energies *
conscious communication * sharing circles * meditation * yoga * ecstatic dance * massage and more * let life become a dance


no experience needed


✵ Registration:


Regular deciders: 250,-

One day ticket: 100,- 


Register here: https://www.chipta.com/nl/tantraenergywithmaharamckay/13310/selectticket/

Let life become a dance

3-Day Tantra Energy Retreat

What is Tantra? Definitely Orgasmic, But Not Sexual!

There’s a lot of confusion around the word “Tantra” these days. Everyone seems to think it has something to do with sex,
when in fact only about 8% is focused towards sexuality. Tantra is a lifestyle. A philosophy that focuses to be more present, more mindful, to live more in the NOW. Saying YES to life, learning how to deal with suffering and fear and how to love ourselves in order to love everything else around us. Becoming aware of our constant negative self-talk and judgments towards ourselves and others. Understanding our real needs and learning how to express them through conscious communication & mindfulness, so life can become a dance and a continuous wonder, instead of a daily struggle. We are the creators & directors of our lives. It’s never too late to edit the script or even rewrite it, but only you have the power to do it. Mahara’s focus is to give people the experience of oneness and self-love.
We have all heard the word “oneness,” but have we ever really fully experienced it?? By letting go of judgemental thinking and confronting our fears instead of running away from them, we can start seeing the beauty in ourselves and the world around us and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. She reminds us how simple life can be if we allow ourselves to let go of our preconditioning and start seeing life from a different perspective. Through curiosity, we are led though simple, yet healing processes that bring balance back to all body systems. The course is designed for all levels, all religions and all ages. All you need to bring is an open heart and open mind.
Watch impressions of her last training in India or listen to some of the testimonials on her website: www.maharamckay.com
There is no nudity or sexually explicit conduct at this workshop.
All levels welcome, no experience needed.

Email: info@maharamckay.com
What's App: +64211236627
Website: www.maharamckay.com

✵ Location 
This retreat is presented by the urban paradise Odessa. Odessa is a conscious vegan art ship where city and nature are intertwined, a platform for conscious events and communities. The location, surrounded by water will give an extra juicy vibe to the retreat.

✵ Registration:
Regular deciders: 250,-
One day ticket: 100,- 

Register here: 


For questions:info@maharamckay.com