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Join us in July for the first ever Ecstatic Dance retreat in Amsterdam!

What is Ecstatic Dance?

During ecstatic dance, you are invited to dance your own dance. It is a safe space where you can pass through a meditative state, experiment with movement, express yourself or play. Through the dance we connect to others, the exquisite music takes us on adventures. We do all of this on bare feet, without speaking, and without alcohol or drugs.

An Ecstatic Dance session usually takes about 2,5 hours.  During the opening ceremony we warm up and get used to the space and to our fellow dancers, under guidance of a ceremony leader. After this the DJ takes over, to take us on a musical trip through the corners of our consciousness and beyond.

Who can join this Ecstatic retreat?
This retreat is for anyone -young, old, experienced, new- who wants to have a great movement adventure and meet many likeminded friends.

At the retreat, we will have many Ecstatic Dance sessions per day, every day. In between there is room for relaxing, getting to know each other, hanging out in Odessa’s sauna or hot tub, meditation, yoga and other pleasures...

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Dance every day.





More info coming soon!



More info coming soon!



Our home base for this retreat will be the mothership Odessa. The ship, situated at the Veemkade, hosts a dancefloor and a lounge. There is also a spa deck with a hot tub and a sauna.

For some of our bigger events we will go to Loods 6, a cultural space near Odessa.



We take care of scrumptious vegan lunch and dinner every day of the retreat. Breakfast is not included.

We don't have the means to provide for accomation. Here are some suggestions for a place to stay in Amsterdam.

- Check out Airbnb. Odessa's address:

Veemkade 259
1019 CZ

You can reach Odessa pretty easily from any corner of the city.

- Want luxury? Lloyd Hotel is around the corner. Prices go from about 70,- p.p.p.n.

- Ask the community for couches or beds! More info coming soon..



Why is there no alcohol during Ecstatic Dance?
For some, alcohol or drugs helps getting their mind in the right state. While this may be true, at Ecstatic Dance we aim for a different kind of vibe.  Dancing sober can be a very rich experience.

Dancing freely without alcohol or drugs can be scary at first, but it can also be very liberating. Alcohol changes your perceptions and numbs you down. Staying sober helps you stay aware of yourself, your desires and your surroundings which, in the end, can make for a very rich experience.

Why is there no talking during Ecstatic Dance?
People talk alot. People often talk to avoid having to engage with people in other ways. Also, when you’re busy talking, you’re not busy dancing or engaging with the music. Ecstatic Dance is an environment that should be suitable for meditation, the silence helps support this.

Why aren't we allowed to take pictures?
At Ecstatic Dance, you are allowed to move in every way you want too. The space should be safe for everyone to explore their movement. Taking pictures or videos can make people self-conscious and unfree. Moreover, phones distract and the experience is better when you stay out of the screen. 



  • Regular price € 299,- (for Helpers € 150,-, see below)

This is including all ED sessions and workshops, lunch and dinner, daily use of the sauna, lounge and hot tub on Odessa. This is excluding accomodation.

If you don't have much money or feel like contributing in other ways, join as a helper! You will commit to helping out an amount of hours per day by setting up, closing down and other small chores. 

Please send us an e-mail at info [at] and tell us who you are and what you're good at. Please note that we expect of helpers that they are engaged and enthousiastic.

Please note

The participation in the festival happens at your own risk. The organizers and the teachers are not liable for any injuries or damages. 

EMAIL Please do not register through email but use button below.

Registration and payment

Please reserve your spot through the link below. If you decide to cancel, we can  refund part of the fee, based on the following schedule:

until 2 months before start: refund 85%
2 months til one month: refund 50%
one month til one week: refund 25%
one week til start retreat: no refund


Ecstatic Dance
is a freeform conscious dance

where movement expands

spirit activates

boundaries melt

boredom ceases

creativity breaks out

hope happens

beauty flows

communities collaborate

ritual is reinvented

harmony resonates

The beat deepens

as an electronic tapestry of world rhythms

 weave us together

as individuals

within a greater family.