Ecstatic Dance retreat

Lovely that you want to participate! These are the prices for this retreat:

- Early explorers: 280,- (for helpers 190,-) 
- Regular explorers: 300,- (for helpers 210,-)

These prices include all classes, intensives and jams, lodging in studios, and almost only organically grown, vegetarian food. The festival is for all levels. No campers can be parked in front of the studios. No tents.

If you register for the Intensive "Liquid Gravity - Water Contact & Somatics" you have to pay additionally for the Liquidrom entry and for the public transportation.

  • If you have financial problems, you can come as a helper for all kind of things. You can only register as a helper, if you have a "yes" from the coordinator! Please contact us:

Participation in the retreat happens at your own risk. The organizers and the teachers are not liable for any injuries or damages. Please note that if you have a history of any mental inbalance or medication the retreat setting can be intensive, and it is not a recommandable healing place in such cases. You are obliged to let us know if you are suffering from any severe physical or mental health issues or if you are under medication. Please use the emailaddress for general questions.

The registration is valid with a deposit. After sending registration you will receive an email which will tell you the details of the deposit and you are obliged to send a deposit in order to take part in this retreat.

If you cancel before April 15 2017, we will keep half, after 15 of April 2017 the whole deposit.
Please understand that we make costs to prepare this retreat.

Ready? Great! Please sign up and pay through this link:

Unique location, different spaces

Odessa is a unique location that consist of different spaces. We have no meeting tables, but we do have a lounge with a wide view over the IJ river, perfect for a relaxed and contemplative session about the strategy or future of your organisation. The lounge is suitable for 5 – 50 persons. Downstairs, below the water surface, the belly of the ship (75m2) hosts a podium, bar and professional sound system (max 50 persons). This space is perfect for product presentations, workshops and other active sessions such as strategy meetings or leadership training. Besides renting these spaces there is the option of using our hot tub, sauna and fire place on our upper deck, covered with a roof of willow branches.

Tailored programming: connection, creativity, contemplation


Creativity, thinking out of the box, focus, connection, how do you cultivate this? Odessa offers workshops that help tob e more present, activate participants, letting go of daily issues and widen perspectives. Examples of workshops are:

Dance meditation
Contact Improvisation
Transformative Theater
Creative Writing

We have a network of professional coaches who will be glad to host one of these activities for you. Ask us if you want to know what is possible!

Conscious catering
At Odessa there is the possibility for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our chef prepares special vegan dishes.

Odessa is alcohol-free. Ask about the possibilities for a special alcohol-free after work drinks event. 




 (includes: use of flipover, beamer screen, pen and paper, tea/coffee/water)


Lounge or lower deck

4 hours (“dagdeel”):

base: 200,-

per person: 25,-


per day:

base: 350,-

p.p.d.: 40,-


Lounge and lower deck:

4 hours (“dagdeel”):

base: 350,-

per person: 25,-


per day:

basis: 500,-
p.p.d.: 40,-

More information and booking:

For more information, contact René:

06 46 020 984
e-mail: info at


mo - we: 0900 - 0000
th - fr  : 0900 - 1700
su:         0900 - 1400  / 1900 - 0000


Use of upper deck (fire place, hot tub, sauna): 100,-

lunch: 7,50 p.p.

Beamer use: 50,-

Use of professional sound system: 50,-

Workshop/yoga/coaching: on request