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Yani Kramer

Yani is here for you to feel free and expressed in your body, connections and sexuality.

Based in Bali & Amsterdam, she has been on a journey around the world for the past 7 years. Activated embodied and channeled wisdom on sacred sexuality, conscious relating, tantra, taoism, the shamanic arts.

She's here to help you live your turned on life!
Through signature online programs, magickal in-person events & workshops, coaching and Tantric bodywork & massage.

All in a playful, warm and sacred way. Adding pleasure magick into your life!

Tantric Dance

A beautiful and playful way of self-exploration through dance, meditation and contact.

Through powerful and fun leadership and deep surrender.

Lead, dance freely and create the dance with the receiver that is blindfolded and surrenders in the dance.

Dance partners are changed after each song, so new discoveries and dynamics each time. As a couple, you can dance together if you’d love to.

Clear instructions are given so you feel safe at all times and can stop if needed. The dance was developed by Art of Loving in 2007 and is growing throughout the world.

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