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Janneke Meijers

Janneke Meijers is producing and facilitating trauma informed and embodied retreats, workshops, ecstatic dance events and a summerfestival with her company ALIVENESS//REWILDER & BREATHE. She is in an ongoing investigation around what is means to be alive. Using embodiment, breath, sound, movement, nature's elements, community and our basic capability to learn through the magic of Play. Participants experience her as authentic, disarming, raw, inspiring. Last year she hosted and impactful 'Primal Play' and 'Release your inner fire' at Odessa Tantra festival.

Sacred Ritual of the Past Lover

As we move towards the end of the year, nature invites us to energetically cleanse, digest and let go of anything that does not serve us anymore. The sacred ritual of the past lover is designed for you to let go of any unhealthy dynamic from the past that is still poking you in the back of your heart. This ritual is designed from a personal longing to heal this collective wound of the solitary life I am currently living myself, so I won't get rejected/abandoned/oppressed. Let's investigate together through this ritual how to step into the now and see the other without all of your past lovers standing beside them? Experience how it feels in your body to give or recieve the embodiment of: I STAY. Ohhh we are going to laugh, move, breathe, sound and vibrate our NO and YESS! It is going to be a grounded, liberating and soothing experience for the soul. Are you in?

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